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     "THE only virtuoso company in the world to combine classical dance and figure-skating" - that is how the Paris newspaper "France-Soir" described St. Petersburg's "Ballet on Ice" in the 1980s.
     The company is now famous throughout the world, having extended the scope of the traditional ice-show. Some dance routines and skating manoeuvres, which used to constitute the repertoire of the majority of such companies, have been replaced by staged ice ballets."


     "The latest production of "Cinderella" by the St. Petersburg Ice Ballet seems set to raise the bar on many little girls' fantasies. With its dizzying combination of fairy tale magic, flowing tutus and thrilling skating spins and leaps performed by a company of 31 ice dancers, budding ballerinas and would-be Olympic skaters may soon be dreaming of crossover careers."


     "The troupe has visited Korea every year since 1998, and has become a must-see performance among children and adults alike, with its beautiful music, gliding footwork and lavish costumes and sets."


     "It's quite amazing, because the skaters can do these leaps in these magnificent costumes," said Blythe RaineyCuyler, Hemmens' manager, who introduced the touring company to Elgin. "It's like you're watching a ballet.... They're so graceful."

     Art and Culture Magazine "ST. PETERSBURG". Canada

     "The St. Petersburg State Ballet on Ice has always been theatrical, even when the special effects were limited to whatever a rink could support. "Our main allegiance is to classical dance and classical choreography, and the dramatic skills they require," Rassadin explains."

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